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Tax Preparation
IRS Resolution

Servicing Individual & Business Tax Needs 

Here are a few reasons to book a consult with us:

  • You haven't been filing your taxes and need to become compliant with the IRS

  • You owe back taxes and would like help clearing it up

  • You own a business and need help paying your quarterly taxes

  • You need to stop doing it yourself and you want to avoid an IRS audit

  • You don't have a clue about tax credits but you want the benefits

  • Or maybe, you just want tax season to be less stressful and it's time to turn it over to the professionals

Here are a few reasons to book a consult with us:

  • You have unfiled tax returns

  • You've been 'ignoring' IRS letters hoping it goes away

  • You owe a tremendous amount of money that you'd like help to make it go away

  • Your wage is being garnished

  • Your assets are being seized

  • You want to avoid tax liens and levies

  • Or you are simply ready to do what's necessary to have a 'Fresh Start' 

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